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Turbocharger service for MHI MET® SRC Series

Are you looking for turbocharger service for MHI MET® SRC Series, you've come to the right place!


PJ Diesel is authorized by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and offers both MET spare parts and high-quality factory-authorized service within the MHI MET® SRC Series.


MET Spare Parts and Factory-Authorized Services

  • Highly trained and dedicated MET Specialists
  • Distributor and Partner with MET with full access to parts available
  • Extensive MET spare parts inventory
  • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times

Factory-approved and authorized MET turbocharger service

  • Fast repair frames for emergency service worldwide
  • Factory-trained and experienced service engineers
  • All in repair, parts, exchange and field service
  • Retrofits and upgrades available upon request


We have more than 40 years of experience in servicing, repairing and maintaining Turbochargers.


We focus on circular economy-based repair and service solutions based on “Waste Less – Loose Less” principle, and continuous optimization, so please contact us with specific application information and we will guide and advise accordingly.


MHI MET® SRC Series (High pressure ratio type)



MHI MET® SRC Series (Standard type)







“MET” is a registered mark of MITSUBISHI MET Turbo. PJ Diesel is an authorized repair and service agent of MET Turbochargers. PJ Diesel supplies original OEM-parts.



Turbocharger service general

The Turbocharger is a very important piece of equipment and a necessity to keep your engine running. This is why most shipowners tends to offer large amounts of money to buy new equipment once a breakdown occurs.


The good news is that new is not necessarily best!

A turbocharger with a wear and damages can in most cases be repaired at a price up to 75% less than buying a new one. It can even improve life cycles compared to new components from the manufacturer - and with even better delivery times.

Availability and fast response are key to mutual success and at the same time we can offer to repair parts which often would be stated as non-repairable. Common problems can most likely be repaired in our workshop and along comes always a 24-month liability for defects and shortages.


Our turbocharger service includes:

  • Cartridge Overhauls
  • Turbine Blade Repair
  • Nozzle Ring Repair
  • Balancing Facilities
  • Parts Supply
  • Service Exchange Stock
  • Field Service

In our workshop in Copenhagen, we have a team of factory trained service engineers working around the clock to service our customers.


We are here to help so do not hesitate to contact us.
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