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Turbine (Gas / Steam)

Woodward supplies a range of products (controls, valves, actuators, safety systems, auxiliary, and combustion systems) for gas and steam turbines and compressors.

We strive to reduce total installed/operating cost and emissions while improving availability, efficiency, start performance and operating range. Woodward has the longest legacy of any controls supplier in the industrial rotating equipment market. We continuously invest in bringing innovative solutions to real market needs. Our focus is on providing value to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM), packager and end user customers through combining our knowledge of controls, auxiliaries and combustion systems to drive optimization through simplification and integration.


  • Electronic Controls

    Control Systems for Gas and Steam Turbines and Compressors

    Control hardware/software for easy development, commissioning, startup, and operation

    Woodward programmable and configurable control systems for gas and steam turbines are purpose built with simplex, dual redundant and TMR options. All Woodward controls are designed to operate gas turbines, steam turbines, or integrated turbine/compressor systems. While standard I/O is built into the units, each control has options for communication with distributed I/O modules to provide extended application flexibility.

    Extensive experience and customer diversity has resulted in the integration of most digital communication protocols. Finally, our GAP (Graphical Application Programming) Software is designed for turbine and compressor control. The software allows control engineers, not software programmers, to develop applications in an easy-to-use, error-checking environment.

    Micronet Plus

    The MicroNet™ Plus control system is a flexible, state-of-the-art digital control system designed specifically for prime mover control applications such as:

    • Gas Turbine Control
    • Steam Turbine Control
    • Compressor Control
    • Hydro Turbine Control
    • Diesel and Gas Engine Control

    MicroNet Plus™ features, including redundant or
    simplex CPUs, modular I/O, flexible software environment, and highly accurate time synchronization make it ideal for its target markets:
    • Power Generation
    • Process Industries • Oil and Gas Exploration
    • Marine Transportation

    MicroNet Plus™ control system flexibility and modularity adapt from simple applications with limited I/O to the most complex applications and processes with extensive I/O. I/O modules and application software provide the control engineer with the flexibility to control or monitor every parameter and process of typical applications, including:
    • Speed and Load Control
    • Temperature and Process Control
    • Combustion Control • Anti-Surge Control
    • System Sequencing and Package Auxiliary Control
    • Alarm + Shutdown annunciation

  • Turbine Actuation

    VariStroke Linear Electro-Hydraulic Actuators for Steam Turbines

    Woodward solves steam turbine users’ #1 reliability problem . . . dirty oil!

    The patented dirt tolerant and self-cleaning technology of Woodward's VariStroke actuators ensure greater overall reliability of your steam turbine. The VariStroke line of linear electro-hydraulic valve actuators operate mechanical-drive or generator-drive steam turbines. These linear actuators utilize a low-pressure, hydraulic oil source (typically turbine lube oil) to provide output shaft force. Their superb accuracy and resolution make them ideal for steam valve control and related turbine speed and load control, where turbine up-time and availability is essential.

    The VariStroke line is configurable via a simple user-friendly, computer-based PC service tool, allowing users to easily configure, calibrate, and adjust all internal functions and response settings. Its integrated driver includes a 4-20 mA output channel to indicate output shaft (control valve) position, as well as unit alarm and shutdown relay outputs for use as unit health and status indications. The 4-20 mA demand inputs and dual-redundant shaft position sensors allow it to continue to operate even with demand input or feedback sensor failures, ensuring extended run-times between forced outages and on-line system repair.

    The total installed cost for this fully-integrated actuator is low because it is completely assembled and tested at the factory, greatly reducing OEM and end-user fabrication, testing, and site assembly time. In retrofit applications, the VariStroke actuator can be used to directly replace the existing servo system. This saves costly repairs to existing and aging servos, eliminates the difficulty of obtaining spare parts for obsolete equipment, and reduces calibration time and difficulty.