Secure Remote Access (RAP)

Turbine Systems

Gas Turbines

Micronet Plus

Network Components
    – RTN gateway
    – Linknet HT
    – RTC NET

Fuel Metering Valves
    – 3103/3171
    – GS6-GS16
    – LQ50
    – LQ25T
    – 3151A Water valve

Heavy Frame Hydraulic fluid control systems
    -Sonicflo valve
    -Gas stop/Ratio valve
    -Linear actuator
    -Liquid stop valve

Shutoff Valves
    – GSOV25HT
    – LSOV

Hydraulic Control

Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)


Secure Remote Access (RAP)

Do you need a simple and safe remote access to your Turbine systems?


Secure Remote Access (RAP) uses a combination of secure hardware and software, plus a secure management system to safely and simply bring remote accessibility, monitoring, and servicing to Woodwards systems.

Shorter response times
Immediate remote access and control of industrial networks means more efficient and productive staff time and less network downtime.

Easy to install
Simple configuration settings allow those with limited technical knowledge to network devices together.

Reduce support and maintenance costs
RAP is a secure method of monitoring system performance, assisting site engineers with system issues, and providing the capability to push service pack updates.

The Woodward/Secomea program is a cyber secure certified through German security organization ProtectEM GmBH.



Simple & Secure Integration


At the core of the Woodward’s Remote Access Program is a secure cloud-based GateManager service. Woodward’s Gate Manager Service is an externally hosted cloud infrastructure which is used to manage all policies, security, user accounts, licenses and connections.

Woodward’s Secure Remote Access Program supports Ethernet communication through a three-component system, including following:

    • SiteManager Module
      The SiteManager Module
      supports connectivity of up to 5 devices. This enables technical experts remotely to securely monitor, maintain and troubleshoot site systems


    • GateManager
      Woodward’s GateManager service is an
      externally hosted cloud infrastructure which is used to manage all policies, security, user accounts, licenses and connections


    • Linkmanager
      Linkmanager is a software license reqired by individuals who will be accessing and providing remote services or preforming monitoring functions


Secure Remote Access is available for


PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is a distributor and independent service facility for Woodward Inc.

If your Turbine is not performing according to specification and requirement, you should contact a service provider immediately.

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is Woodward AISF Authorized Independent Service Facility and distributor for governors, actuators, and turbine valves in Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, and coastal area of Poland for marine applications.


Our core competences

 We are specialised within the Woodward product range:

      • Governors and electronic controls
      • Gas and steam turbine control
      • Valve services
      • Industrial gas turbine control
      • Power management

Woodward supplies a range of products (controls, valves, actuators, safety systems, auxiliary, and combustion systems) for gas and steam turbines and compressors.

We strive to reduce total installed/operating cost and emissions while improving availability, efficiency, start performance and operating range. Woodward has the longest legacy of any control’s supplier in the industrial rotating equipment market. We continuously invest in bringing innovative solutions to real market needs. Our focus is on providing value to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM), packager and end user customers through combining our knowledge of controls, auxiliaries and combustion systems to drive optimization through simplification and integration


We offer service for all Large Engine Control Modules - Our Woodward trained, and certified service engineers and service partners can assist on short notice.


Circular flow and Exchange Service


Imagine a shared response program unlocking the value of unused assets and saving you from stockpiling key components for urgent repairs.

Within PJ Diesel Engineering A/S you can join services with other end-users minimizing stock expenses, and at the same time maintaining full flexibility and the advantage of externalizing the risks. Through our exchange program expensive individual ownership costs and delivery time is reduced with shared acknowledged access to key components.

Read more about our EXCHANGE SERVICE

Long- and short-term benefits


    • Improving service by enabling programmed maintenance and emergency response
    • Reduce dependency from shore facilities
    • Eliminate delivery time (Time required for repairs from shore)
    • Plug and play solutions
    • Risk reduction
    • Reduced operational cost
    • Elimination of expensive inventory
    • Fixed prices on exchange units - easy budget planning
    • 24 months liability for Shortages and Defects
    • High availability because of inventory at PJ Diesel Engineering A/S facilities
    • Not stocking expenses
    • No new unit investment
    • Full report and IMO/EAIAPP Validation
    • Repairable damages all included in SEU (Service Exchange Unit) A solution with no extra costs
    • Elevating from supplier to service partner (Trusted supplier)
    • Responsible and sustainable Supply Chain Management


A vast stock of genuine Woodward spares and Governor test stands

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S meet all the requirements for immediate service without delays. We further deliver field services for Woodward components for inspection, troubleshooting installation and commissioning.