Safety Policy

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S – Safety Policy

In support of the following commitments expressed in its Operating Policy to:

    • Endeavour to ensure the safety of all employees, clients, personnel and others with whom the company has contact
    • Avoid damage to property


PJ Diesel Engineering A/S will promote the following principles:

    • Safety is equal in importance to other business objectives
    • All personnel have an equal, continuous responsibility for maintaining safe practices
    • Employees need to be educated, stimulated, and committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety and environmental consciousness
    • Injuries can be avoided by good management, correct training and adopting proper safety standards
    • Injuries and damage can be avoided by properly planning operations
    • Employees, clients, personnel and others need to be kept informed of conditions which may cause them harm
    • Employees should actively participate in the establishment and continuation of safety procedures
    • Equipment must be maintained to company, class and regulatory standards to achieve the requirements of this policy.
    • Safe operations require tools and equipment which are fit for purpose.


In implementing this Policy, PJ Diesel Engineering A/S expects all its employees, both ashore and afloat, to provide Management with the support necessary to achieve these objectives and those stated in the Operating Policy.

The Management of PJ Diesel Engineering A/S will not countenance any breach of safety procedures and will not require staff to follow procedures that are in themselves unnecessarily hazardous.

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is committed to following the spirit, as well as the strict legal requirements, of all relevant safety legislation governing its operations, wherever they may be undertaken.


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