RE Governors


REGULATEURS EUROPA is amongst the world leaders when it comes to the supply of control and monitoring solutions.

From mechanical and electronic governors to turnkey monitoring and control systems for marine, traction, industrial and offshore applications. 60 years of experience developing control and monitoring philosophies for prime movers is clearly evident in the products and services supplied to engine builders, utility companies and ship operators in addition to many other users around the world.


Governors & Actuators

The range of hydraulic governors included in the HEINZMANN portfolio by REGULATEURS EUROPA is built on 60 years of experience in hydraulic governing. Customers in the industrial, marine and rail traction sectors recognize these governors for their high reliability and durability, along with their excellent performance. Either as a standard product or as part of a customised engine management system, REGULATEURS EUROPA is seeking to provide the perfectly configured governor/actuator for the application’s requirements.

  • 1100-4G
    • Popular hydraulic governor, providing mechanical speed control of diesel or steam turbine driven gensets.
      Option for electrically operated stop and/or start fuel limiter.
      Output range: 8, 12, 15, 25, 34 or 40 ft. lbf.
    • Medium and high-speed diesel engines
      Steam turbines
  • 1115-4G
    • Hydraulic governor with electronic speed setting for marine propulsion engines. Analogue (4-20 mA) and digital speed setting modes (raise/lower speed) available. Electrically operated stop, electric start fuel limiter or boost pressure fuel limiter. 4-20 mA load signal available.
    • A low build version of the 1115 type governor is available for engines with limited space for the governor.
      Pneumatic fuel limit and 4-20 mA load signal available.
      Output range: 8, 12, 15, 25, 34 or 40 ft. lbf.
    • 1800-2G
      • Powerful mechanical hydraulic governor, providing mechanical speed control and featuring a two-stage, high stiffness, backlash-free hydraulic servo mechanism for best possible control on engines whose fuel control systems require a high work output.
        Option for start/boost pressure fuel limiter.
        Output range: 60 – 80 ft. lbf.


        Control & Monitoring Systems


        The Viking35 ECU, along with its Viking Vision user interface, provides the core platform for combined engine management. With its large and expandable range of conventional I/Os and communication ports, Viking35 is more than just a governor; it can be programmed to do all engine management functions and control associated plant, in one integrated and cost effective package. The Viking35 ECU is complemented by a range of hydraulic actuators, specifically the 2231 servo actuator, which provides a ballhead mode for manual speed setting in the event of power supply failure.

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