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For radial turbochargers, PJ Diesel offers:

  • Full reconditioning and repair workshop facilities.
  • The latest Schenck balancing machine.
  • Market leading Service Exchange System for all types & makes.
  • More than 230 units in stock.
  • 24 hours delivery availability (for in-stock units).
  • Global transport hubs for easy return.
  • Full 12-month warranty on stock exchange units (SEU’s).
  • EIAPP / IMO Validation & Compliance.
  • Certified engineers.
  • The Service Facility is authorised by Mitsubishi MET Japan, and Kompressoren Bau Bannewitz (KBB).

Reconditioning and Repair

When the turbocharger is received at the workshop, it is dismantled and cleaned ultrasonically. The turbocharger is inspected for damages, and further inspected with ultra violet light to detect possible fractures. If the turbine or compressor wheel have damaged blades, they are welded and machined back to their specified shape. If required, the nozzle ring is repaired in a similar manner. PJ Diesel also conducts shaft repairs using metal spray. After repair, the full rotor assembly is then balanced, before the whole turbocharger is assembled with new bearings.


At PJ Diesel the rotating components are balanced individually, and corrected for static and couple unbalance. After the rotor is assembled, the entire assembly is checked for dynamic unbalance.

Our new state-of-the-art Schenck Pasio balancing machine is capable of balancing rotors in two planes, with a diameter up to 600 mm.

All balancing equipment is in accordance with ISO, API and MIL standards.