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PJ Diesel became an AISF (authorized independent service facility) and business partner for Woodward Governors Inc. in 2007 with the acquisition of former Darco Woodward. Our territories are Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and the coastal area of Poland. We are however happy to serve any Woodward end user at any given time.

Woodward, a pioneer in the development of electronic turbine controls, has evolved in the area of hardware and software platforms to offer the latest hardware technology, software programming/simulation, communication alternatives and harsh environment alternatives. As an independent controls company that also serves the industrial engine and power management markets, Woodward integrates technologies from adjacent markets to offer proven, low cost solutions.

PJ Woodward offers:

  • Trained field service engineers with a 24 hour response world wide.
  • Full reconditioning workshop facility.
  • Large spare parts stock.
  • Exchange program enabling rapid response and service.
  • Full reconditioning and repair workshop facilities.
  • Woodward test beds.
  • Additional approved service facility for other governor makes and types.
Flex500 Digital Control for Turbines, Engines, or Compressors

The Flex500 control system represents a new generation of turbine and engine control. This controller is an industrial hardware platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of turbine, engine and compressor applications.

Some highlights include:

  • Optional integrated graphical operator control panel
  • Fast, accurate on-board I/O capability
  • Combines real time control with PLC programming
  • Deterministic scan rates as fast as 5 ms
  • Distributed I/O capability
  • Compliant with time synchronization protocol SNTP
  • Networked control
  • 4 ethernet ports
  • 4 CANopen ports
  • RTCnet compatible
  • Sulfur-resistant conformal coating
  • Certified for hazardous locations
Gas and Steam Turbine Control & Valves

The integrated Turbine Generator Control (ITGC) by Woodward combines turbine control, generator circuit breaker control, load management, generator and turbine protection as well as turbine auxiliary systems power supply and control within one system. It also allows the entire regulation of the turbine.

Woodward steam turbine valve based actuators have high accuracy, fast response times, and long-term reliability. Platforms range from self-contained pump/servo systems, to electric actuation, to servo position controllers. These platforms are specifically designed for steam turbine applications and provide proven reliable operation.

Our controls feature both simplex and fault-tolerant configurations for availability to meet any system need. Software is user friendly, sophisticated block programming language.

Power Management

Based on decades of experience with Genset control, load/VAR sharing, synchronization and power protection technologies, Woodward's power management product line is unsurpassed. With Woodward’s power management systems, we can provide control system solutions for every power generation application, ranging from simple to complex systems.

The power management systems are based on four core technologies:

  • Generator system control, monitoring and protection,
  • Generator voltage regulation and protection,
  • Switchgear control and utility protection,
  • Total systems integration.

We offer controls for single-set, multiple and parallel sets and discrete function controls.