Fuel Injectors


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Fuel Injector Services

PJ Diesel’s Fuel Injection department has fuel injection workshop facilities authorised by Woodward (former Bryce and Lucas Bryce). The staff if highly trained, and PJ Diesel operates with a 24 hour response policy. Some services include:

  • Services of all types and makes of fuel injection systems.
  • Reconditioning of fuel pumps, plungers & barrels, fuel valves and injectors.
  • Extensive exchange program enabling a rapid response.
Reconditioning of Plungers & Barrels

The barrels are reconditioned and fitted with new plungers and new seals. All plungers are manufactured at our premises and are machined on our CNC machines. They receive surface hardening if required. Based on the actual barrel measurements after reconditioning, the individual plungers are ground and adapted to the specified clearance by honing.

We currently have more than 475 different fuel pump types in our program, covering most of the engine types and manufacturers in the world. Manufacturing at our own premises also enables us to provide our clients with a short service time.

Reconditioning of Fuel Pumps

Single Fuel Pumps

Depending on the client’s request, we perform partial or complete reconditioning of fuel pumps. All gaskets and o-rings are available in our stock. After the reconditioning is complete, all pumps are tested and recalibrated so they are ready for instalment.

Inline Fuel Pumps

We conduct full reconditioning of all inline fuel pumps with a plunger diameter up to 22 mm. The reconditioning is performed according to the clients request. After reconditioning, all fuel pumps are tested and calibrated on our test bench.