Exchange Stock Service

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PJ Diesel’s “exchange concept” provides you with peace of mind! Regardless if it is turbocharger parts, fuel injection parts, four stroke parts, or governors, our extensive exchange stock has you covered.

The exchange concept is developed as a more efficient and economical service for you. Instead of high price for new units, you can have lower price and shorter lead time for reconditioned parts, sent directly from our stock. All you need to do is to return the used parts in our exchange box to PJ Diesel.

Worried about forgetting to send the old parts back? We understand your concern well, and will help make it easy!
A notice will be sent together with the box as a return reminder. Notification emails will be sent, when the deadline is approaching without us receiving your used parts.

We trust you and hope you trust us. Don’t hesitate in trying our exchange service for your benefit!