Product Change / Improvement

Woodward has recently released an important upgrade for 5200-based MicroNet TMR. This upgrade commonizes the VxWorks RTOS with latest version implemented last year on MicroNet Plus.

Account Management has been added for improved security. A number of new GAP
blocks and features have been added, including Opti-Tune and Ratio Limiter. Several Coderrelated
improvements and corrections have also been included.
In addition to our standard software review and regression testing process, this release
underwent an intense system-testing program to insure quality.
Improvements included in this version include FPGA changes which are not field-updatable, so
customers wishing to update must replace the existing 5466-1047 CPUs and 5466-1036 RTNs or
return the modules to the factory for upgrade.

New part numbers are as follows:

  • 5466-1247 Module, MicroNet TMR CPU5200
  • 5466-1246 Module, Enhanced Performance RTN
  • 9927-2623 MicroNet TMR Coder 1.00

Note: all three items must be upgraded together – CPU, RTN and Coder.

Download Full Release Here