New Varistroke-GI model actuators


The VariStroke-GI is a family of linear electrohydraulic actuators that are designed to provide the linear actuation force to operate steam turbine control valves, valve racks, and Trip & Throttle Valves (T&TV). This single-acting actuator family is intended for use on mechanical drive or generator-drive steam turbines, and uses a low-pressure hydraulic oil source (typically turbine lube oil) to provide its output shaft force.


As a product family, users can customize their order to ensure their ordered actuator has the correct bore, length, configuration, shaft threads, and return spring force to meet their specific application.

Single-acting actuators utilize an internal or external return spring to force the output shaft and connected valve to a safe closed position upon a shutdown event and have several advantages over double-acting actuators including fail-safe action as well as not requiring the use of expensive accumulators.

Optionally users can order VariStroke-GI actuators with or without an integrated fastacting dump valve. This dump valve is designed to quickly drain oil. Depending on the application these dump valves can be driven directly from the VariStroke-GI servo or from the turbine shutdown system.


Download VariStroke-GI product specification 03464

Download VariStroke-GI Product Line Overview

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