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Woodward has the longest legacy of any controls supplier in the industrial
equipment market and we continuously invest in bringing innovative solutions to
real market needs. Our latest innovation is RAP—Remote Access Program—for
engine and turbine OEMs who need on-demand monitoring, maintenance, and
troubleshooting of their systems globally.

RAP uses a combination of secure hardware and software,
plus a secure management system to safely and simply bring
remote accessibility, monitoring, and servicing to Woodward
systems. RAP’s simple setup, ease of use and secure technology
make it ideal for the petrochemical, oil and gas, and power
generation industries that often need remote access to plants and
turbomachinery around the world. This program allows remote
communications with any Woodward device that has Ethernet or
serial Modbus communications anywhere in the world.
By partnering with Secomea and its remote access security
solutions and global communications infrastructure, RAP is the
ultimate security program. With RAP, Woodward control and device
users can confidently continue their usage of our standard service
tool suite (RemoteView, AppManager, Control Assistant, ToolKit,
etc.) for remote monitoring and servicing of Woodward products.

Easy to install – simple configuration settings allow those
with limited technical knowledge to network devices
together as part of the Industrial Internet of Things
Shorter response times – immediate remote access
and control of industrial networks to fix problems means
more efficient and productive staff time and less network
Reduce OEM system warranty and maintenance costs –
Remote Access is a secure method of monitoring system
performance, assisting site engineers with troubleshooting
system issues, and providing the capability to push service
pack updates when permitted by the site.
Secure – The Woodward/Secomea program was the
first remote access solution in the world to be officially
cyber secure certified. German security organization
ProtectEM GmBH, performed Secomea‘s cyber
security audit based on the following framework: