Woodward LS-6XT premium circuit breaker controller

Woodward’s easYgen | LS-6XT control is a synchronizer controller with integrated mains decoupling and protection features. It enables several redundant communication schemes with peer controls. The applications range from independent synch check
  • Enhance RELIABILITY of power management systems (hot-swap redundant communication, CAN-Eth, Eth-Eth)
  • Give users FLEXIBILITY to custom configure on-site (LogicsManager, AnalogManager, FlexLimits, Configurable Alarms etc)
  • Enable panel builders & system integrators to STANDARDIZE on single hardware (software selectable for 1 or 2 breaker applications, stand-alone or with EG/GC use cases, 1A/5A CT support, etc.

Key features: 

  • Premium circuit breaker control for reliability demanding complex power management applications ∙
    • Peak shaving operation
    • Import/Export operation
    • Islanded & Utility parallel operation
  • Control up to 64 breakers on up to 128 bus segments in an application
  • Forward and reverse synchronization between utility and genset group
  • Redundant Ethernet communication
  • Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces for remote control and visualization
  • Customizable logic, HMI screens (with RP- 3000XT) and alarms
  • Adjustable vector groups for synchronization

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