PJ Diesel Engineering maintain focus on Danish Vocational Educations


In cooperation with Frederiksberg Erhvervsforum, PJ Diesel Engineering welcomes 78 students from Søndermarksskolen, Frederiksberg.


We are hosting a 3-day event this week where students from 7th grade and their teachers visit our office and workshop in Nordhavn.


The purpose of the event is to increase focus on the Vocational Educations (Erhvervsuddannelserne) which is extremely important these days, as we have a national challenge recruiting skilled labour in Denmark.


We look forward to giving our young visitors a guided tour of our facilities where the students and their teachers can experience various aspects of our product lines. This will amongst others include a tour of our Governor & Control, Fuel Equipment and Turbocharger Department. The students will also be introduced to our 3D prototype printing machinery.


Further we will share our company history throughout more than 40 years and how our company has evolved into Northern Europe’s leading partner for repair and reconditioning of key components for engine and turbines applications.

Watch the video


Day 1 – 7.E

Day 2 – 7.B

Day 3 – 7.A

Please feel free to contact us at pjdiesel@pjdiesel.dk

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