PJ Diesel is massively investing in the fierce battle for the future of manpower and is receiving high praise for intensive 7th-grade internships. “We need to make the young people see themselves in a maritime business – we can do this,” says PJ Diesel CEO Anne-Mette Elsborg.

There are both spaces behind desks as well as at lathes, and the young 7th-grade elementary school students will try it all on their own body. When school students come to work at PJ Diesel, they don’t just watch. They also have to get their hands on the welding machines and the calculation systems, because it sharpens the appetite for choosing a maritime education, rather than the traditional high school education, believes Anne-Mette Elsborg, at PJ Diesel:

“Young people today do not just want a meaningful job; they also want to be able to see that they are making a difference. They can do this in the Blue Professions. Especially here, where we work with intense circular economics and the UN’s Sustainable goals, and where we work with both engineering and craftsman professions,” says Anne-Mette Elsborg.

Earlier this year, PJ Diesel hosted the internship conference ‘Young people in internships’. 15 student counsellors from UU-Sjælsø discussed; how to plan the best possible internships for primary school students, how to plan apprenticeship programs for high school students and the importance of informing company employees about the purpose of student stay, expectations of each employee’s engagement, and how to involve students in day-to-day work. The discussions were also about how to make students feel welcome and as part of a team through e.g. handing out uniforms or company shirts and assuring that the students have a partner for lunch.

“It is crucial that the young people feel that they are welcomed, that the process is well organized and that they experience, a profession which needs them. If we can show them that in their internship, the likelihood of them returning is much greater,” says Anne-Mette Elsborg.

Anne-Mette Elsborg is generally pleased with the boost that the maritime professions and educations have received in recent years. Accordingly, money has also been funded from the Finance Act to strengthen sailing with the training ships, and more maritime internships have been created.

The next profession internship in PJ Diesel Engineering is scheduled for week 3 & 5, January 2020

About UU-Danmark – youth guidance Denmark
The youth guidance centres are organized in an association known as UU DANMARK. UU DANMARK is thus the national organising body of youth guidance centres. Each centre is an independent, municipal organization and all in all there are 61 municipal youth guidance centres (“UU centre” in Danish) to provide guidance services for young people up to the age of 25 years.

The 61 centres cover the 98 municipalities in Denmark. Each centre covering a “sustainable” area in terms of the number and variety of youth education institutions as well as geographical distance. The youth guidance centres focus on guidance related to the transition from compulsory school to youth education or, alternatively, to the labour market.

The youth guidance centres may be considered the first step in a lifelong guidance process for our future generation.

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