Groundbreaking cooperation with the German turbocharger manufacturer

Cooperation with Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH (KBB Turbo) is now a reality. We have together with KBB; developed a new concept that brings predictability into turbocharger servicing. That enables shipowners and operator’s mange the risk of planned and emergency maintenance. The new “Knowledge2Swap” program ensures genuine KBB spare parts and turbocharger cartridges also on an exchange basis directly from us. “This is a groundbreaking and important step that ensures that ship owners and operators flexibility and high quality that KBB and PJ Diesel Engineering is known for,” says Anne-Mette Elsborg, CEO of PJ Diesel Engineering.

Genuine KBB parts and exchange units under the “Knowledge2Swap” (K2S) program is ready for immediate delivery. Feel free to contact us on

Download the whitepaper here: KBB_swap_programme_PJDE