Mission & Vision statements

Mission statement

    • PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is an environmentally conscious recycling engineering company, which is based on customers demand for reliable and economical service of diesel engines and delivers a range of reconditioned key components as well as related technical service and advice.
    • PJ Diesel Engineering A/S strives to be at the forefront of development within our field and conducts great resource consciousness in our activities.
    • PJ Diesel Engineering A/S offers high quality goods and flexibility to our customers.

“A trusted service partner for the environmentally conscious and cost conscious client”


 Vision statement

    • PJ Diesel Engineering A/S wants to expand our product portfolio and achieve recognition for being a leading environmentally conscious engineering company.

“Reconditioning is not necessarily just a process where the original material qualities are rebuilt, but also a possibility of improving component lifetime compared to the manufacturers original standard.”

Please feel free to contact us at pjdiesel@pjdiesel.dk

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