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PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is a distributor and independent service facility for Woodward Inc.

Large Engine Control Module (LECM) description
The LECM provides a single-box approach that can be built up with interlocking modules into a single engine-mountable assembly. This control scheme uses a modular approach for both the electronic control modules and the software they use. These modules can be mixed and matched to address different applications; all use the same software interface. Each module has its own microprocessor and runs its own software routines, written in Woodward's MotoHawk® software, using proven core functions and algorithms. The main module software can also be written in Woodward's Graphical Application Programmer (GAP™). The modules all share their information in a real-time manner, making the entire system act as one fully integrated control. Woodward's ToolKit interface software provides an easy-to-use and support tool for configuring, operating, and monitoring the application software loaded into the LECM. This includes data logging and trending.

Consolidate all engine control functions into one module

    • Engine mounted
    • Single Service Tool used for all engine functions
    • Accommodates diesel and gas engine applications
    • Ability to add exclusive control algorithms
    • Modular approach to optimize control I/O to application requirements
    • Supports a wide array of communication physical layers: RS-232, RS-485, CAN & Ethernet

If your engine is not performing according to specification and requirement, you should contact a service provider immediately.

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is Woodward AISF authorized service facility and distributor for governors, actuators, and turbine valves in Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, and coastal area of Poland for marine applications.

We are specialists in

    • Governors and electronic controls
    • Gas and steam turbine control
    • Valve services
    • Industrial gas turbine control
    • Power management

We offer service for all Large Engine Control Modules
Our Woodward trained, and certified service engineers and service partners can assist on short notice.

PJ Diesel Exchange Service
Our exchange services facilitate our client’s requirement for emergency response and programmed maintenance without dependencies and down time due to service.

    • Improving service by enabling programmed maintenance and emergency response
    • Reduce dependency from shore facilities
    • Eliminate delivery time (Time required for repairs from shore)
    • Plug and play solutions
    • Risk reduction
    • Reduced operational cost
    • Elimination of expensive inventory
    • Fixed prices on exchange units - easy budget planning
    • 24 months liability for shortages and deficiencies
    • Availability ex stock PJ Diesel Engineering A/S
    • Not stocking expenses
    • No new unit Investment
    • Full report and IMO/EAIAPP Validation
    • Repairable damages all included in SEU (Service exchange unit) solution with no extra costs
    • Elevating from supplier to service partner (Trusted supplied)
    • Responsible and sustainable supply chain management
    • More than 10 worldwide receiving hubs
    • PJ Diesel Engineering A/S will cover return costs from Hubs, if returned within 60 days from order as per conditions.

A vast stock of genuine Woodward Spares and Governor test stands
PJ Diesel Engineering A/S meet all the requirements for immediate service without delays. We further deliver field services for Woodward components for inspection, troubleshooting installation and commissioning.


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