Invoicing Procedure

Invoicing procedure – PJ Diesel Engineering A/S


At PJ Diesel Engineering A/S we use ERP system with OCR, why we kindly request that all our vendor’s address all invoices to below postal address:

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S
Skudehavnsvej 14
DK-2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen


Prior to submitting invoice, please ensure the purchase or work order number is clearly stated.

We ensure that all our vendors are informed purchase or work order number.

We encourage all vendors to submit invoices electronically.

Electronic invoices must be submitted to following e-mail address .

PJDE#CPH handles all invoicing for all PJDE offices in Europe.


Following information must be clearly stated on invoice when submitted:

    • Invoicing entity and address.
    • VAT no. / EORI no. / Company registration no.
    • Invoice number.
    • Invoice date.
    • Payment information.
    • PJDE purchase or work order number.
    • Declaration of VAT (If applicable).

*If an invoice received is incomplete example without purchase or work order, the invoice will be returned for compliance, which may result is delay of payment.


Requirements for electronic invoicing

    • All invoices must be submitted in pdf format.
    • Invoice must be present on page one and contain minimum information (see page 1).
    • Invoices must be clear and readable, i.e. black text on white background – no grey areas allowed.
    • Invoice and supporting documents must be delivered in same file.
    • Each pdf must only contain ONE invoice with supporting documents.
    • We do not accept folders, subfolders, or zip compressed files.
    • We encourage that pdf files do not exceed 5 Mb, and no more than ONE invoice is submitted per email.


Purchase and work order number

Purchase and work order number is an unique number sent to our vendors for each order
We normally e-mail purchase and/or work order number to our vendors, however occasionally the purchase and/or work order number is stated by purchasing officer and then followed up by written PO.

Purchase orders always start with one and has 6 digits (PJDE#136252).
Work orders has 5 digits (PJDE#52596).
Purchase and work order can be combined (PJDE#52596-136252 or PJDE#136252-52596).

We will issue purchase order via mail, fax or e-mail dependent on the information submitted via vendor application / update (Available upon request to ). In order to check or update vendor information please contact purchasing officer for submission of new form or update.


Statement of account / Reminders

Statements and or reminders must be submitted to .

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