IMPA Preferred supplier

IMPA ACT is an initiative of the International Marine Purchasing Association that encourages ship owners, ship operators and ship suppliers to demonstrate a tangible commitment to responsible supply chain management and corporate social responsibility.

At the core of the IMPA ACT initiative is the Supplier Code of Conduct, a set of social, environmental and economic principles that are based on internationally-endorsed UN minimum expectations for businesses and represent current best practice. Those participating in the IMPA ACT initiative commit to working towards alignment with the Supplier Code of Conduct over time, both internally and within their supply chain.

In becoming an IMPA ACT Preferred Supplier, our company:

1. Has successfully passed an IMPA ACT approved audit. Our company has been audited to IMPA ACT approved standards and has demonstrated the
successful implementation of the systems necessary to address our adverse impacts on human rights, environment and anti-corruption principles.

2. Commits to continue working with responsible supply chain management.
Our management commits to keep working internally to further improve our corporate social
responsibility and to continue engaging in responsible supply chain management by ensuring that
businesses in our value chain also act responsibly.

3. Commits to continue living up to the requirements of the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct. Our management commits to working towards the same environmental, social and anti-corruption standards that we expect of our suppliers, and to continue implementing the IMPA ACT Supplier Code of Conduct within our company.