How to locate part number or designation on Woodward products

How to identify

In order to identify component part and ensure correct quote and delivery, it is crucial that minimum below information is stated:


    • Product model / type
    • Part number or designation
    • Serial number
    • If possible, please always forward a picture of the name plate as units may contain special pre- and -suffix letters that can contain alteration, modification or special calibration settings.

Here are a few examples of the name plates of various units:

Above minimum information is required in addition to the model/type number because your governor/control will have several unique parts appropriate for the precise operating characteristics of your engine or turbine application.

To help you identify the parts you need to carry out routine maintenance. Contact us to get a free copy of the latest edition of the Woodward bulletin for your governor.

If you require assistance to locating above information – Please do not hesitate to contact us 

Special suffix – Identification marks

The special suffix markings to track in the field changes, permanent identification markings are to be issued when either the control is altered from the original material list or calibrated differently from the Woodward, Inc., specification sheet.
Some examples are: changing governor speed calibration to suit an application, or changing a solenoid coil to accommodate a different voltage than originally specified, etc.

The special suffix marking is accomplished by using a "letter stamp" to imprint a designation suffix on the main original Woodward, Inc., nameplate.
This imprinting should be of a size and style to match the original imprinting of the designation number as closely as practical.



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