General Conditions for Service Exchange Units (SEU)

The following General Conditions are valid for all tenders and sales agreements unless otherwise expressly confirmed in writing by PJ Diesel Engineering A/S registered under VAT no: DK 86011719 – Eori no: DK 86011719 including divisions: Four Stroke Engineering A/S and PJ Woodward Controls & Injection Systems A/S (hereinafter referred to as PJDE).

To accommodate our clients changing requirements PJDE have developed below deposit structure, by not invoicing deposit upon delivery, however allow vessel time to return unit after replacement.

  • Customers will be charged a fixed service exchange fee.
  • Depending on condition of returned unit(s) – repair price(s) final invoicing will be invoiced based on repair and inspection report.
  • If SEU – Service exchange unit(s) returned is stripped for parts, seized, eroded or parts are damaged beyond repair a surcharge will be invoiced (Deducted from deposit).
  • The deposit estimate will always be stated in quotation/order line in case of non-return of SEU part(s).
  • The SEU must be returned strictly within 60 days after delivery or according to agreement.
  • If not received timely or as per agreed, deposit will be invoiced accordingly

We will initially forward reminder by e-mail prior to invoicing.

  • The SEU’s must be returned to PJ Diesel DDP Copenhagen mentioning RAN – Return advise number or vessel name as minimum
  • PJDE/PJWO will provide return address to corporate or one of our global hubs

RAN – Return advice numbers is the PJDE service order number used for delivery of SEU.
All SEU boxes are equipped with return labels with address and references.


Updated 22-01-2018/PJDE2018 CORP General conditions for service exchange R1-1