Fuel Pumps – Single

Are you looking for service for your Single Fuel Pumps, you’ve come to the right place!

PJ Diesel engineering A/S
has more than 40 years’ experience in servicing, repairing and maintaining Single Fuel Pumps for Two- and Four stroke engines. We can also offer you an Exchange System with a stock of Fuel Injection parts that can be dispatched and made available to our customers within 24 hours.

We also offer Fuel Injection Service for Inline Pumps

Reconditioning of Single Fuel Pumps
Depending on your request we perform partial or complete reconditioning of your Single Fuel Pumps. If your Fuel pump is dirty, we offer a cleaning service and if the pump is leaking, we offer a replacement unit. We have a large stock of Gaskets and O-rings available.

Once the reconditioning of your Single Fuel Pumps is completed, we recalibrate and test the pumps to assure they are ready to install – simple and easy!

Availability and fast response are key to our mutual success, and at the same time we can offer to repair parts which often would be stated as non-repairable. Common problems can most likely be repaired in our workshop in Copenhagen and along comes always a 24-month liability for shortages and defects.

New is not necessarily best!
A Single Fuel Pump with wear and damage can in most cases be repaired at a price up to 75% less than buying a new one. It can even improve life cycles compared to new components from the manufacturer and with even better delivery times!

Regular maintenance of your Single Fuel Pumps is essential, in order to maintain the engine in a good operating condition and obtaining a low fuel consumption. This too is a cost-effective alternative to renewing partly or completely.

PJ Diesel’s Fuel Injection department has a Fuel Injection workshop facility in Copenhagen. We are authorized by Woodward (former Bryce and Lucas Bryce) and specialized in the reconditioning of any type and make of Fuel Injection Systems.



Official Woodward Diesel System Facility


Woodward Diesel Systems leads the way in providing advanced systems for the future markets requirements, including reduced emissions, improved fuel economy, lower cost and greater durability.

With 60 years of experience, Woodward Diesel Systems is unrevealed as regards assessing and satisfying all needs for advanced fuel systems, common rall, electronics, high pressure injection, pilot fueling, water/gas, oil emulsions…

… cost effective design.

Solutions are supplied for all makes.

We offer service, repair and maintenance
of all Fuel pumps (Single and Inline) and our team of factory trained service engineers are working around the clock to service our customers.


PJ Diesel Engineering utilizes the ShipServ platform and the SmartSupplier solution which assures an easy working procedure for our customers when requesting for quotes.

We offer cleaning service, repair and maintenance of all Fuel pumps (Single and Inline), Plungers & Barrels and Fuel injectors and we our team of factory trained service engineers are working around the clock to service our customers.

We focus on circular economy-based repair and service solutions based on “Waste Less – Lose Less” principle, and continuous optimization, so please contact us with specific application information and we will guide and advise accordingly.

Circular flow and Exchange Service


Imagine a shared response program unlocking the value of unused assets and saving you from stockpiling key components for urgent repairs.

Within PJ Diesel Engineering A/S you can join services with other end-users minimizing stock expenses, and at the same time maintaining full flexibility and the advantage of externalizing the risks. Through our exchange program expensive individual ownership costs and delivery time is reduced with shared acknowledged access to key components. Read more about our EXCHANGE SERVICE

Long- and short-term benefits


    • Improving service by enabling programmed maintenance and emergency response
    • Reduce dependency from shore facilities
    • Eliminate delivery time (Time required for repairs from shore)
    • Plug and play solutions
    • Risk reduction
    • Reduced operational cost
    • Elimination of expensive inventory
    • Fixed prices on exchange units - easy budget planning
    • 24 months liability for defects and shortages
    • High availability because of inventory at PJ Diesel Engineering A/S facilities
    • Not stocking expenses
    • No new unit investment
    • Full report and IMO/EAIAPP Validation
    • Repairable damages all included in SEU (Service Exchange Unit) A solution with no extra costs
    • Elevating from supplier to service partner (Trusted supplier)
    • Responsible and sustainable Supply Chain Management