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For axial turbochargers, PJ Diesel offers:

  • More than 35+ years specialist experience.
  • Full reconditioning and repair workshop facilities.
  • The Service Facility is authorised by Mitsubishi MET Japan, and Kompressoren Bau Bannewitz (KBB).
  • Certified engineers.
  • Fast turn-around on overhauls.
  • Large stock of exchange units and parts with pay per use policy.
  • 24 hours delivery availability (for in-stock units).
  • No dependency on shore facility – all parts available on-site.

Turbine Blade and Nozzle Ring Repair

Before repair, the turbine blades are dismantled, cleaned ultrasonically and accurately measured. An inspection by ultra-violet light is performed to detect possible fractures. Fractured blades are replaced and the turbine blades are then welded, using TIG (GTAW). After welding, the turbine blade is machined and ground back into its specified shape, inspected for cracks using both ultra-violet light and dye penetrant inspection and the weight is verified. In order to achieve the correct weight distribution, a computer calculates the sequence in which the blades should be mounted on the rotor in preparation for the balancing.


At PJ Diesel, all turbocharger parts are balanced individually and corrected for static and couple unbalance. After assembly, the complete unit is checked for dynamic unbalance.

Our Schenck balancing machines are capable of balancing rotors in two planes, from small dimensions up to 3000 mm length and 1200 mm diameter.

All balancing equipment is in accordance with ISO, API and MIL standards.