Connecting Rod Repair and Reconditioning

We provide connecting rod repair for all engine makes and types

At our dedicated Four-Stroke Engine Workshop in Rødby, Denmark, we have specialized equipment to offer the best in connecting rod repair and reconditioning. During normal service, the connecting rod is a highly stressed component – transforming reciprocal movement to rotational movement, transmitting the power generated in the combustion chamber to the crankshaft and from there to e.g. a generator or propeller. During engine maintenance, it is thus of the utmost importance that the condition of the connecting rods is verified. In case of ovality in the big-end bore or fretting or cracks in way of the serration, it is vital to replace or effectuate connecting rod repair and reconditioning – in order to avoid risking an expensive major engine breakdown.

Procedure for connecting rod repair:

Our connecting rod repair procedure includes:

  • Upon receipt, the connecting rod is cleaned and dismantled.
  • The connecting rod is checked for damage, cracks, overheating and ovality in the big-end bore, as well as checked for damage in the small-end bore.
  • The serration is reconditioned, utilizing state of the art spark erosion technology. This method of connecting rod repair results in a very uniform surface, resistant to crack formation and a perfect match between the mating surfaces.
  • The big-end bore is then remachined to the specified diameter.
  • Shot peening of the bore is carried out – if required.
  • The connecting rod is quality checked and reassembled, with new nuts and bolts as well as a new small-end bush.

Reconditioning of the connecting rod serrations is done using state-of-the-art spark erosion technology:

Connecting rod repair using spark erosion

The serrations are programmed into the spark erosion machine for a perfect fit of the mating surfaces. Connecting rod repair is offered globally at very favorable prices combined with high quality and excellent service.


Our connecting rod repair procedure includes thorough quality control:

 Connecting rod repair using magnaflux

Our trained and qualified operators utilize Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection, in order to identify any cracks prior to the connecting rod repair and reconditioning. Magnaflux readily reveals surface or subsurface discontinuity, thus revealing cracks that non-destructive testing methods available on site often do not, e.g. dye penetrant.