Lehmann & Michels GmbH – LEMAG

We are the Danish agent for Lehmann & Michels GmbH – LEMAG


Lehmann & Michels GmbH – LEMAG – has specialized in production of diesel, gas, steam and compressor engine condition monitoring and performance analysis systems for the marine industry since 1911.


Today the well-known LEMAG® mechanical indicators for measuring cylinder pressures are supplemented by a range of PREMET® electronic indicators to suit every need – from simple measurements to continuous on-line measuring of the cylinder pressure in all the cylinders of the engine simultaneously. In addition, this range of products includes analyzing software, indicator cocks and other related products.

For continuous measuring of the power transmitted to the propeller, the LEMAG ® Shaftpower system is an ideal and cost effective solution, at a glance indicating the actual operating point in relation to the propeller curve. As an option, this indication can be provided on Bridge, in addition to the indication in the Engine Control Room.

LEMAG Shaftpower torque meterLEMAG Shaftpower torque meter

LEMAG SEEAmag Ship Energy Efficiency Analyzer

The LEMAG® SEEAmag system is designed to measure, record and analyze important data to help the user determine and improve the vessels efficiency by enabling in depth analyses and fleet comparisons. The system takes its input from a torque meter, e.g. a LEMAG® Shaftpower, and a number of other signal sources – the system being designed specifically for each vessel. The SEEAmag system can be tailored to individual needs and e.g. include the LEMAG® LUBEmag for measuring of the actual cylinder oil consumption. The system consists of different modules that can be combined to monitor the specific key performance indicators needed for the specific vessel, e.g.:


  • Total efficiency (EEOI)
  • Engine Efficiency (SFOC)
  • Hull efficiency
  • Propeller efficiency

All information is displayed in a clear and easy to use format and provides the user with various trend diagrams for set periods of time e.g. noon to noon or last voyage.

In order to ensure trouble free operation in the present environment with requirements for fuel switching, Lehmann & Michels GmbH offers a range of products for installation in the fuel system:

  • The LEMAG® FQI (Fuel Quality Improver) is a homogenizer, that breaks the long molecules in the fuel, improving combustion and reduces the back flushing frequency of the filters.
  • The LEMAG® Slashpol is a water in fuel emulsifier, which by blending water into the fuel reduces fuel consumption and emissions (especially NOx, CO2 and soot).

LEMAG FQI (Fuel Quality Improver)LEMAG SlashpolLEMAG CONTROLmag