KBB Turbochargers

Authorized service provider for KBB Turbochargers

PJ Diesel is authorised to service the full range of KBB turbochargers, including sale of spare parts.

KBB turbochargers are manufactured by Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH (KBB), who are located in Bannewitz in the Free State of Saxony in Germany. The company has substantial industrial experience in the development and manufacture of turbochargers, gathered over seven generations. KBB turbochargers come in various types,  equipped with axial flow or radial flow turbines and caters for customers among medium and high speed diesel and gas engine manufacturers – especially in the fields of marine, locomotive and industrial engineering, e.g. Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), Wärtsilä, MAK (Caterpillar), Hyundai Heavy Industry Co. Ltd (HHI-EMD), GE, Cummins and Yanmar. Since 1953, more than 55,000 turbochargers have left the production facilities in Bannewitz.

Authorized service provider for KBB Turbochargers

KBB continuously develops their turbochargers, in order to meet the challenges of complying with ever increasing regulatory demands, e.g. the IMO Annex VI Tier III emission requirements. Tier III requires the use of various technologies, e.g. extreme Miller timing, exhaust gas recirculation, water injection, exhaust gas cleaning (SCR, scrubber) and high pressure turbocharging. The latter will require pressure ratios of 6-10, necessitating two-stage turbocharging. Hence KBB is in the process of developing the necessary low-pressure and high-pressure turbochargers, called K2B – Knowledge to Boost – the low-pressure turbocharger being of the radial type and the high-pressure turbocharger being of the axial type. Another development project looks into the requirements for high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation

In 2010, production of the radial type ST turbocharger range commenced. This latest generation is based on the preceding HPR range and is aimed at gas, diesel and heavy fuel engines. Featuring a pressure ratio of up to 5.5 and an efficiency of 64-70%, the ST range caters for the 500 to 4,800 kW power range – one additional size having been added, compared to the HPR range, the ST7 for the 2,500 to 4,800 kW power range. The development of the ST range has focused on increased pressure ratio and efficiency, this having been achieved with the same outline dimensions as the HPR range. The features include:

  • Enhanced compressor map width, as the compressor includes recirculation.
  • Cooling of the compressor wheel and enhanced containment safety, prompted by the increased pressure ratio.
  • Boreless compressor wheel.
  • Jet-assist option available.
  • The bearings have a long service life and are fitted in an uncooled housing – a water cooling option is available for gas engines.
Authorized service provider for KBB Turbochargers

The radial type HPR range of KBB turbochargers, introduced in 2001, features a pressure ratio of up to 5.0 and an efficiency of 63-68%. It caters for the 500 to 3,000 kW power range.

The radial type R range of KBB turbochargers features a pressure ratio of up to 4.5 and an efficiency of 62-66%. It caters for the 300 to 2,800 kW range.

The axial type M range of KBB turbochargers features a pressure ratio of up to 4.0 and an efficiency of 65%. It caters for the 900 to 1,800 kW range.